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Other Literature Related to The Scroll


Many others have devoted their time to the wonders of The Scroll. There have been many a stories written about The Scroll and its characters. Some are myths, some are history. The world may never know which is which. Some of these stories can be found here. Many other, less important people have also gone on adventures. Their stories are here as well.

  • Wandering Hither and Thither Through the Spork Fields of Power
    An epic tale in which the Brotherhood (included with sisters (which might just be called a "Personhood" to be politically "correct")) of the Donut embark upon a quest of gargantuan proportions pertaining to nothing but sporks, moose, and tacos, while at the same time trying to find their inner-selves.
  • Submit a Story
    If you would like to submit an story about The Scroll, its characters, or something else that you have written or that has "been passed down for generations in verbal form", then please email it to Jeremy,, to be included on the website.

  • Books:

    With the help of JeremyInc© and Derecian Labs®, The Scroll, Inc. has been able to release the published works of Derek, Jeremy, and Brian. Excerpts from some of their most acclaimed works can be found here.

  • "Derekism" and "The Derek"
  • Dictatorship for Dummies
  • Alchemy, Rats, and Mayonnaise
  • Mismanagement for Dummies

  • Poetry:

    Due to the popularity of The Epic Poem of Jeremy and His Loyal Sidekick Hutch and through the help of JeremyInc®, a collection of poetry, songs, ballads, sonnets, etc. shall be posted here.

  • Enter "The Scroll's Bungalow of Bogus Babbles"
  • Submit a Poem/Song
    If you would like to submit a poem or song about The Scroll, then please email it to Jeremy,, to be included on the website.

  • Articles:

    Many articles have by written by or about The Scroll and the heroes of The Scroll. As many as are discovered will be posted here.

  • Random Emails
    A collection of emails between Derek and Jeremy during a time of digital war.
  • The Celebration of the Peruvian Llamas
    Learn about the details of this remarkable and lovable holiday including what it is, how it came about, and how to celebrate.
  • Submit an Article
    If you would like to submit an article about The Scroll that you have "discovered" or written, then please email it to Jeremy,, to be reviewed for posting.

  • Interviews:

    Excerpts from a recent press conference with Derek, Jeremy, and Brian have been obtained and are now on display. Also, questions from other people have also been released. If other people have questions for the three heroes, they may submit them as well.

  • Press Conference
  • Questions & Answers
  • Submit a Question
    If you would like to submit a question, do so by emailing Jeremy at with a subject of Scroll Question. Please also state, for the record, who the question is directed to, and who the question is from.

    The Scroll and all of its eternal properties and conceptions are ©2002-2003 Jeremy, Derek, and Brian. All Rights Reserved. This website was created by Jeremy Lindblom. The Scroll, Inc. will pursue and destroy all those who choose to violate its laws by any means necessary... yes, by ANY means. MWAH HA Ha ha ha ha!!!
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