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6/28/04 ~ Scrollians Over and out
Derek and Jeremy are now serving religious missions for their church and Brian is away at UofA. Aside from the two new tales. The website will not receive any updates for some time. The world may change around you, but The Scroll will not. Come back often to read and elighten yourself.

6/28/04 ~ New Scroll Tales
Check out the new Scroll Tales! "The Scroll, and The Quest for a Random Mythological Object" and the incredible "Crushed Aspirations: Choose Your Own Destruction Adventure" Just click on the Tales From The Scroll link to discover the wonder of these two new tales.

The Scroll has been passed down through generations of acclaimed scribes. It gives a detailed account of the adventures of Derek, Jeremy, and Brian throughout all time. The Scroll, Inc. was founded to protect and care for The Scroll, and all of its patents, copyrights, trademarks, property, belongings, components, elements, and history. As friends and superiors to all, we ask you... rather, command you, to read The Scroll. You may seek answers to the following questions: "Who am I?" or "Where did I come from?". We assure you that these questions cannot be answered here. However, we promise you this, that ye shall surely experience quite a tickling of your funny bone, and in the end, ye shall grow to admire the power of The Scroll.

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