Hail The Scroll
"Crushed Aspirations"
/~* A Scroll Tale™ *~\
Choose Your Own Destruction Adventure

Page  78 

After eating that big breakfast earlier I feared that I would most assuredly get a cramp in my side if I were to run, and so I decided that I would undoubtedly be better off if I just stayed here. After a few seconds a giant monkey emerged from the forest, dragging behind it another monkey with a crown on its head and X's for eyes. The monkey approached, bowed, and then took the crown put it on top of my head.

Congratulations Ben! You have become the new leader of the third legion after staging an impressive coup against the old one! Unfortunately, you will not be able to enjoy it for long because the primate coronation ceremony includes painfully gnawing off their leader's skin and all his other not-monkey-looking aspects.


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