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"Crushed Aspirations"
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Choose Your Own Destruction Adventure

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"Ladies and Gentlemen... Contestant Number Three... Ben!" He announced my name as I took my place at the podium. Two women in red, sparkly dresses greeted me and promptly, but gently, handcuffed my leg to a giant ball of iron. This seemed to be unnecessary, but they assured me that it was part of the game. "Brittany, Betsey, and Ben will be competing to see who will be THE LLAMA'S NEIGHBOR!" Sure enough, I glanced beside me to find my "friend" Brittany and that freakishly disturbing form of Betsey Bayless. "Okay! Round One!" The announcer rolled what resembled a six-sided die and called out, "Brittany, or should I say Contestant Number One, be careful on this one. True or false: The Llama, Dromedary Camel, Bactrian Camel, Alpaca, Guanaco, and Vicuna are all members of the Camelid family." Brittany, without hesitation, smiled and answered, "The answer is, of course, true!" "That's Correct! You receive 200 llama points and a single happy neighbor card. On to the next question..." Again he rolled his die and then pointed his gaze in my direction. "Contestant Number Three, that's you Ben, are a lucky contestant. Here's an easy one folks! True or false: Llamas have a three-compartment stomach unlike most other domestic farm animals." Uh, I feel I like I should know this one, but what was the answer?

If you think the answer is true,
If you think the answer is false,

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