Hail The Scroll
"Crushed Aspirations"
/~* A Scroll Tale™ *~\
Choose Your Own Destruction Adventure

Page  18 

"Alright you got me," I said. "But you must know that...that...um..." I stumbled as I was trying to concoct some sort of sharp, ironic final words, "Oh screw it, Geronimo!" I leapt out of the helicopter, my life flashing before my eyes as I prepared for the inevitable splat. As I neared the ground I noticed that I was over the desert. There would be no one around to hear my final girlish wailings. The last few seconds I covered my eyes and felt my body hit the ground...then it bounced back up. Again and again I hit and bounced up until I fell onto the desert floor. I looked up to see what had broken my fall, it was the world's largest beach ball! I knew it to be the largest because there was a sign next to it that said, "This is the world's largest beach ball. That's right! The world's largest." I came to the conclusion that this must have been one of Jeremy's brief ambitions accredited to his iron determination and short attention span.

If you want to see the object that saved your life from a closer perspective, unhinge the velvet rope and walk up to the ball,
If you decide to go exploring and find out where you are,

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