Hail The Scroll
"Crushed Aspirations"
/~* A Scroll Tale™ *~\
Choose Your Own Destruction Adventure

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As I turned the corner I was thinking about how I could use my puny intellect to overpower my captors. I devised an ingenious, fool proof plan, or at least I believed it to be. I whirled around to enact my devious plot when I noticed that the zeta-minuses had turned down the other hall. As their grunts grew fainter I thought to myself, "man, that was easy." I began strolling down the hall when sirens began blaring and flashing red lights filled my field of vision. Its one of those accursed silent alarms! I ran down the labyrinth of halls like a mouse trapped in a maze looking for cheese, mmmm...cheese. After what seemed like seconds, I came to the cargo bay in the rear of the chopper. I pushed a button on the wall which opened up the door to the night sky. I peered out to see how high up I was when a voice behind me shouted, "Freeze! Do not move! If you turn around you will be shot, don't test me! There is no where left to go now, it is all over."

Yeah, he is probably right, there is nowhere to go. You hope they will have mercy on me. If this is how you feel,
You saw a backpack on the wall a couple of feet behind you, If you quickly turn around, grab it, and jump out, you might be able to make it. If you think so,
If you'd rather die than be taken by the servants of Brian, jump out and

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