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elcome to Mesa High Bowling Club Online. This is a small site (made at no expense and in a small amount of spare time) to help you Bowling Club members get posted on what's up. Hopefully, we would like to make the Mesa High Bowling Club a lasting tradition because it is really fun, everyone needs to know how to bowl, and we can allow students to bowl at reduced prices. This is the second year of the Bowling Club and we hope it's not the last. I hope you enjoy being in the Bowling Club. If you have any questions that are not covered on this website, feel free to contact a member of the Bowling Club Presidency.

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Vice PresidentLiz


Well, it's time for second semester now. I hope you all enjoyed your break. Because of the school play "The Music Man", many people will be missing the upcoming bowling excursions, including the bowling presidency. In March, everything will be normal again. NOTE: If you have sent in high scores that are not on the high scores page, please send them again because my email had a huge glitch and I don't have them anymore, sorry.

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Games will be on Wednesday's right after school at AMF Mesa Lanes on Southern and Gilbert every two weeks unless otherwise noted. Games will be announced the week that they are to happen. Games cost $1.50+TAX and shoes are free. Keep in mind that the bowling alley is letting us come for cheap out of the good of their heart. Please show respect to their facilities and the equipment and give Mesa High a good rep.

You no longer need to sign up for the club, just come to the bowling excursions. However, if you would like to receive Bowling Club news through email or would like to be notified when significant updates occur on the webpage, please sign up on the corresponding form below. Thanks! Go Mesa!

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