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High Scores

Here's the page where you can strut your stuff! Send me you high scores
for our biweekly bowling excursions and also for Shock Bowl on the funstuff
page. See if you can stay in the top ten. Each name may only show up once
on the high score boards. Well, what are you waiting for, SEND IN YOUR SCORES!

|| Top 10 Bowling Game Day All Time High Scores ||
2.Stephen Kingsley174
3.Chris Gardner160
4.Lucas Brimley150
5.Chase Rasmussen147
6.Raylene Killian145
7.Kurt Barton144
8.Devin Anderson139
9.David Brower138
10.Jeremy Lindblom116

|| Top 10 Shock Bowl High Scores ||
2.Paul Jacob Brown272
3.Lauren Miller236
4.Devin Anderson228
5.Michael Hale219
6.Chris Gardner213
7.Michael Petersen208
8.Jeremy Lindblom204
9.Chase Rasmussen202
10.Kit Merkley194

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(Please state if it was an after
school game or the Shock Bowl
game. If it was a after school game
then please include the date.

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