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Bowling Tips

This page will provide some good beginner and amateur bowling tips. It will also provide some comical ones as well. If you are looking for some pointers to boost your game a couple points, check it out.

10 Bowling Tips by Jeremy Lindblom (Note: this is a completely unoffical and unprofessional guide.)

  1. You are supposed to hit the pins with the bowling ball. (I hope you know that one)
  2. Try not to trip over your own or others feet. (Sometimes that is harder than it sounds)
  3. Bowling balls must be between 6 and 16 lbs. Find a ball that you can use comfortably. If it hurts to use then don't use it.
  4. Bowling IS harder than it looks or sounds. You cannot just pick up a ball and chuck it at the pins expecting to win. It is important to focus and concentrate. Just like in weight lifting you must prep before you begin the exercize. Prepare your body and mind before the throw. Look at the pins, not at your feet of hands. Most important, ignore the tauntings of those jerks that you call your friends and focus on bowling. Don't stress out. Have fun too.
  5. The to main types of throws are the straight ball and the hook ball. The Straight Ball is standard and is used by beginners and for picking up spares. The Hook Ball is where the ball is thrown in a way so that it curves as it moves along the lane. Advanced bowlers use this throw because it provides the angle needed to get stikes easily.
  6. There are other kinds of unofficial throws like the bumper throw, granny throw, and backwards granny throw. You can also make up your own if you are innovative enough. Oh, and no, throwing it in the lane next to you is not considered good form in any situation.
  7. As you become better, it is important to develop consistency in the way you bowl. Try to use the same technique each time.
  8. When you get a strike or a spare, you must do a victory dance, victory chant, or some kind of victorious hand gesture, I can't stress that enough.
  9. There are two main grip types: the Conventional Grip and the Fingertip Grip. The Conventional grip is where your thumb is placed in the thumb hole and half of your middle and ring fingers are placed in the finger holes. The Fingertip Grip is the same except only your fingertips are placed in the finger holes. These two grips are illustrated below. The Fingertip Grip can also be done by leaving the thumb out of the hole altogether; this is the method used to throw a hook ball.
  10. Have fun, respect the bowling alley, and bumpers are for pansies.

Conventional Grip          Fingertip Grip
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