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The Scroll, Inc. -- Where Money, Intelligence, and Technology collide in a terrible, terrible accident.
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The Scroll, Inc. has a number of associates in the business world. These businesses make up a large network of what has been termed "monetary companions". They aid each other in making money, destroying competitors, and bringing in foreign market. Here is a short description of each company.

The Scroll, Inc.
The Scroll, Inc. is in charge of everything related to the protection and proclaimation of The Scroll. The Scroll, Inc. takes pride in using wit, intelligence, and harassment to obtain power. As a corporation, not many of their specific responsibilities are known to the public, but it is recognized that without The Scroll, Inc., much of the world would be left in darkness. The Scroll, Inc. also provides both funds and legal council to Derek, Jeremy, and Brian.

JeremyInc© is best known for its publisher division. Publishing works by Derek, Brian, and even the magnificient Jeremy himself, JeremyInc© has earned a wonderful reputation. JeremyInc© also has its own patent and copyright division, dairy product and explosives division, and sticky substances and synthetic fructose division. JeremyInc© also provides campaign money and free travel tickets for Jeremy.

Waiting for information from DerekLabs®

Cactus Corp.
Waiting for information from Cactus Corp.

Mustard Breeding and Packaging Factory
To some, the Mustard Breeding and Packaging Factory is considered another division of JeremyInc©, but in reality, they just have a close business relationship. The Mustard Breeding and Packaging Factory breeds and packages mustard for the world's general populous. The function of the other 7/8 of each building is unknown to but a few individuals. They are also great contributors to Jeremy's campaign.

BriCo. World Industries
Waiting for information from BriCo. World Industries

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