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Dungeons & Dragons
The Orphan Warriors
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A peacable town, almost completely secluded from the outside world. It is composed of a small community, including an orphange where Andril, Jarrod, Leoril, and Leokul first met. The inhabitants of the town prefer seclusion from events happening elsewhere in the world, and, therefore, are not as hospitable to strangers as others.

Forest outside of Ha'mas

A mysterious and dangerous forest outside of Ha'mas. It is filled with monsters, and more things occur here than is known to the town.

Leokul's Uncle's Cabin

A secluded and hidden cabin, belonging to Leokul's Uncle, in the middle of the forest between Lycan and Ha'mas. It is where Leokul's Uncle lived before his death.


A big town near Ha'mas that hosts a large community. The town is decorated with wolf sculptures and art, and there are rumors of a creature that is part man, part wolf. The town contains an inn, a church, and many shops, including a silver smith. Many of the townspeople are unhospitable to outsiders.