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Dungeons & Dragons
The Orphan Warriors
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Jarrod Scytherhawk
Name:  Jarrod Scytherhawk
Race:  Human
Class:  Paladin
Alignment:  Lawful Good
Age:  16 1/2

Appearance:  Jarrod stands at 5' 11" and weighs 166 lbs. Jarrod has a slightly muscular build for someone his age, but does not have the appearance of a strong man. He has dark blonde hair with a silver streak on each side that is combed back. His eyes are a mystical silver, a rare color not seen in many humans. Jarrod has dark gray pants, a silver-colored shirt, a dark green cloak, brown boots, and a black belt. He also wears a silver pendant that was left with him as a child.

Preferred Weapon(s):  Two-handed Bastardsword, Long Sword, Two-handed Sword, Halberd

Character's Strengths:  Trustworthy and able to gain the trust of others; Powers associated with being a paladin; Adapted to harsh living conditions; Strong intuition
Character's Weaknesses:  May hesitate to kill; Too trusting of some people; Too generous at times; Still immature; Obligated to perfrom paladin duties
Jarrod Scytherhawk
Background:  At the age of seven, Jarrod was washed up onto the shores near the town of Ha'mas. All he had with him was the clothes on his back, a gold coin, and a strange silver pendant. He has no memory of his life previous to being found on the shores. He was put in the orphanage and has been living there since.

Personality:  Jarrod is a bright, young man with a very friendly and kind nature. He is usually laid back, but can be serious if needed. He is very trustworthy and loyal to everyone, and he never hesitates to help a friend or those that are in need. He has a strong desire to become a paladin. He knows that the road to becoming a true paladin is laborous and long, but he wants to please both his friends and his God. His heart of gold will help him reach his goal.

Life Goals:  Jarrod wishes to become a true paladin, and a true hero. He also desires to know of his past and to find out who his parents are.

Favorite Food(s):  Homestyle beef and potato stew, Blackberries, Milk
Favorite Color(s):  Silver
Favorite Animal(s):  Birds-of-Prey, Jaguars, Horses
Hobbies:  Reading, Daydreaming, Hunting, Collecting things, Fencing, Praying
Interests:  Magic, Birds, Technology, Art, Swords