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The Beauty of Women

I.    Introduction
II.   Personality Factor
III.  Three Types
    A.  Cuteness
    B.  Prettiness
    C.  Hotness
IV.   Overlapping Areas
    A.  Exotic Beauty
    B.  Exquisite Beauty
    C.  Enchanting Beauty
    D.  Goddess Beauty
V.    Quantitative Analysis
VI.   Color Assessment
VII.  Taste & Preference
VIII. Conclusion

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The Beauty of Women Theory
Version 2.0
By: Jeremy C. Lindblom
I.  Introduction

Perhaps the greatest fault of the English language is that it lacks the words to accurately describe the beauty of a woman. There are a variety of different looking women in the world; many of them are very good-looking. However, not all women possess the same kind of beauty. There are many distinctions that can be made between the qualitative and quantitative beauty that a woman exhibits. Some women possess a more sexually pleasing type of beauty than others, but some women may boast a more aesthetically pleasing beauty. Though truly difficult to describe in the limited words of this language, there are three distinct types of beauty that should be differentiated.

II.  Personality Factor

Before the three types of beauty are discussed, there is a certain beauty-influencing factor that should be briefly mentioned. Personality plays a role in a woman's beauty, and certain personality traits and characteristics can be associated with each of the types of beauty. This is not intended to be stereotypical; clearly there are always exceptions. However, it cannot be denied that some personality characteristics are common among each type. These personality traits will be mentioned as each type of beauty is discussed.

III.  The Three Types of Beauty

There are three separate and distinct types of beauty that a woman can possess. Each of these three types is totally different, and, therefore, should not be considered related to each other in any way. A woman can possess one type without possessing another, or she can possess two or even all three of the types. No single type is better than another. Women most commonly exhibit beauty from all three areas. These three types of beauty are Cuteness, Prettiness, and Hotness.

A.  Cuteness

The first type of beauty is Cuteness. Cuteness is associated mainly with innocence and curiosity. It evokes certain feelings that are different from the other two types of beauty. Cute girls possess a certain charm or aura. Cute girls usually have an inborn ability to look good despite the conditions. Whether they have just ran a couple miles or they have just woken up, they still manage to look good. Cuteness does not have to be associated with petiteness or pink lace; it is merely a different type of beauty than Prettiness or Hotness.
Related Words: Cute, Attractive, Enamoring, Appealing, Irresistible
Typical Personality Characteristics: Friendly, Fun, Funny, Talkative, Outgoing, Flirtatious

B.  Prettiness

Prettiness is the second type of beauty. Prettiness is usually associated with romantic love and the natural feministic qualities that a woman possesses. Prettiness can be best described as aesthetically pleasing. These women have a natural grace about them that is distinguishable from "cute" or "hot". The word "beautiful" can be used to describe the most captivating forms of prettiness. Another way to represent prettiness is by comparing the types of beauty to clothing. A woman might wear a "cute" outfit; Prettiness would be more associated with something like a prom dress (modest, of course.) Most pretty girls are confident in their looks, but do not necessarily recognize the fact that they are indeed pretty.
Related Words: Pretty, Fair, Comely, Lovely, Beautiful, Aesthetically Pleasing, Graceful, Captivating
Typical Personality Characteristics: Kind, Confident, Humble, Elegant

C.  Hotness

The third and final type of beauty is Hotness. Hotness is most often associated with lust and sexual desire. This is the type of beauty that the world idealizes, especially celebrities. Hotness sometimes deals with accentuating certain characteristics of the female anatomy, but it doesn't have to. Many women naturally possess qualities that make them appear "hot" or desirable. Hot girls usually have excellent style and natural good looks. They are usually very photogenic. Hotness is sometimes considered to be more superficial than the other two types, but no person can deny that the body responds to this type of beauty just as much as it does to the others.
Related Words: Hot, Sexy, Fine, Gorgeous, Caliente
Typical Personality Characteristics: Flirtatious, Popular, Fashionable

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IV.  Overlapping Areas

As mentioned earlier, it is possible, and more than likely, that a woman will possess more than one type of beauty. These overlapping areas can be even harder to distinguish between. To help distinguish these from each other and from the three main types, the overlapping areas have their own names and properties. The four secondary types of beauty are Exotic Beauty, Exquisite Beauty, Enchanting Beauty, and Goddess Beauty.

A.  Exotic Beauty

Exotic Beauty is the overlapping area between Hotness and Prettiness. It is an equal combination of the characteristics from both types. These women are absolutely glamorous; they are both beautiful and sexy. A smile from one of these women is likely to be addictive. These women may have a mysterious aura about them and possess striking qualities that make you stare in admiration.

B.  Exquisite Beauty

Exquisite Beauty is the overlapping area between Prettiness and Cuteness. These women have the ability to look absolutely lovely everytime you see them. They carry themselves well with an atmosphere of elegance, and yet, an alluring innocence that can capture any man's eye.

C.  Enchanting Beauty

Enchanting Beauty is the overlapping area between Cuteness and Hotness. These girls often cause double takes as they pass by. They are extremely stylish and always look good despite the occasion. They are outgoing and capture just about every man's attention when they enter the room.

D.  Goddess Beauty

Goddess Beauty is a phenomenon where a women possesses equal ammounts of all three types of beauty. Very rarely does a girl possess the same amount of all three types of beauty, especially in large quantities. This overlap is referred to as Goddess Beauty because these women are truly worthy to be reverenced. This kind of beauty inspires a captivating awe.

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V.  Quantitative Analysis   (Rating System)

It is possible to analyze a woman's beauty through the use of a quantitative rating system. Most rating systems in the past have been fairly simple using a 1 to 10 or 1 to 5 scale to rate overall beauty. However, this system is insufficient. To properly conduct a numerical analysis of a woman's beauty, all three main types of beauty must be considered. By assigning a number of 0 to 5 to each of the three types, it can represent both overall beauty and what type of beauty that the woman has. A rating of 0 indicates that the woman does not have any beauty of that type; a rating of 5 would indicate that she has more beauty in that area than most other woman. 5's are exceptional and should be given out sparingly. No woman should have a value of three 5's; there is simply no such girl in existence. Some examples are shown in Table 5.1 below. Ratings should not be consistently high or consistently low. Using the quantitative analysis it is easy to identify what type of beauty that the woman has. Indifference, relativity, and particularity must all be used during a quantitative analysis.

Table 5.1 - Quantitative Analysis Examples
NAME    H  P  C   TYPE  

VI.  Color Assessment   (Extended Rating System)

The three main types of beauty overlap to create the secondary types. Primary and secondary colors work in the same way. The types of beauty can be assigned color values to represent them. The color representations are convenient and visual. When these types/colors are placed in a color wheel, then it can be seen that more specific colors are created where each color blends into the next. This holds true for the types of beauty as well. Within each type of beauty, there can be slight variations according to the numerical rating. These differences can be represented by the different colors. These colors can then used to express women who fit in one category but show leniencies towards others. Figure 6.1 shows the color wheel and Table 6.1 shows all the distinct colors to represent beauty.

Figure 6.1 - BOW Color Wheel

Table 6.1 - BOW Color Name Table
Yellow Green-Yellow Yellow-Green Green
Green Teal Green-Blue Blue
Blue Midnight Blue Royal Purple Purple
Purple Maroon Violet-Red Red
Red Orange-Red Red-Orange Orange
Orange Yellow-Orange Gold Yellow

To calculate the color rating, the quantitative rating must first be calculated. Begin by using whichever type is the highest as a base. Start there and then move in the direction of the second highest rating however many colors as the rating is. Then do the same for the third highest rating. Whichever color is landed upon is the color rating for that woman. If two types are equally the highest, then just go immediately to the color representation for that secondary type.

Example 1: If a woman has the rating of H=3, P=4, C=2, then start at Yellow and move 3 colors in the direction of hot (counterclockwise.) The color will then be Orange. Now move 2 colors in the direction of cute (clockwise.) The color will now be Gold. This is the color rating for that woman.

Example 2: If a woman has the rating of H=5, P=2, C=4, then start at Red and move 4 colors in the direction of cute (counterclockwise.) The color will then be Royal Purple. Now move 2 colors in the direction of pretty (clockwise.) The color will now be Maroon. This is the color rating for that woman.

More Examples are found below in Table 6.2.

The color rating can also be calculated using the Color Finder Tool

Table 6.2 - Color Assessment Examples
NAME    H  P  C   TYPE             COLOR

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VII.  Taste & Preference

One variable that can never never be eliminated is that of taste. Every man has different tastes and preferences that make woman beautiful to him. It is quite possible that a woman could be rated highly by one man and lowly by another. However, it has been found that many women are rated nearly identically with this theory in many cases. Some men prefer certain types to others and they're ratings reflect this when their favorite type of beauty has higher ratings than the others. Different perceptions and preferences will cause some men to see women at different colors than other men.

VIII.  Conclusion

Perhaps the limited vocabulary of this language can offer some insight on glories of the beauty of women. There are many types of beauty to be found among women. Each woman is unique, and each woman is beautiful in some way. Women should truly be admired for their beauty, and for the influence they have over the hearts of men.

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