Hail The Scroll
"Crushed Aspirations"
/~* A Scroll Tale™ *~\
Choose Your Own Destruction Adventure

Page  62 

"Ben, I can't believe that you would even consider the idea that you could beat me," harped Brittany in a condescending tone. "Yeah, well... uh... maybe you should believe then," I croaked back at her, making me sound even less intelligent. "Alrighty folks! Let the Super Llama Challenge begin!" As soon as those words escaped the announcer's mouth, I felt a wet, tingly feeling on the back of my neck. I turned around to find a 600-pound-llama right in my face. I held up my happy neighbor card like a shield, and the llama turned and stepped towards Brittany. She was brandishing her happy neighbor card as well. The llama turned away from the both of us and made his way back to the pen. "Well, I see you have both survived part one of the Super Llama Challenge! Let's give'em a hand folks!" Cheers erupted from the audience and I caught Brittany taking a prideful bow. Not wanting to be upstaged I did the same thing. However, this was to my misfortune. As I was taking my third bow, I closed my eyes to fully take in the pleasure of hearing the audience's applause. As I did so, I struck my head on the podium and knocked myself out.

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