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"Crushed Aspirations"
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Choose Your Own Destruction Adventure

Page  51 

"Ummm... False?" Brittany let out a high-pitched, boisterous laugh, "You idiot, don't you know anything? Honestly, I thought you were stupid to begin with, but even Derek, Brian, or your half-witted brother could've of come up with the right answer on that one, you irrationally uneducated, ill-conceived, limited intellect wielding, heathen! Llamas are a cud-chewing, domesticated animals, and their three-compartment stomach and efficient digestive system allows them to survive on a low protein diet. Really, anybody would know that." After that embarrassing verbal smack-down and after the audiences condescending laughter faded, the announcer cried, "Now let's bring out the llama!" My heart sank with an audible gulp as the audience's "Ooo"s and Brittany's constant "Now you're gonna get it"s rang in my ears. The ladies in red dresses appeared leading what seemed to be a 600 lbs. llama over to my podium. Just then I realized why they had handcuffed my leg to a giant ball of iron, so I couldn't run. Brittany laughed and clapped her hands while the llama snorted and sniffed at my body. Then with a sudden yet graceful movement, the llama enveloped my body in its acidic saliva and swallowed me whole.

Ben, due to your extreme lack of judgement and your excess ugliness, you will enjoy the last moments of your life being slowly digested in a 600 lbs. llama's three-compartment stomach. Because you aren't around to do anything about it, after Brittany disposes of your half-witted brother, she conquers the world in 7348 A.D. I and rules unopposed and unchecked (with Jeremy's permission) for a millennium.


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