Hail The Scroll
"Crushed Aspirations"
/~* A Scroll Tale™ *~\
Choose Your Own Destruction Adventure

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Before I knew it I was within the belly of that fearsome beast. It was very dark but I could faintly make out the feeble, malnourished, never-worked-out-a-day-in-his-life form of Derek. Suddenly, bright lights filled the room severely hurting my puny orbs. "What are you going to do to me?" I humbly asked. "Silence," shot back a voice, "you shall do what we tell you to do. You are now property of the state and will soon no longer have any will of your own. Do you understand?" I waited a second and then responded, "Yes, yes I do." "Very good," replied the voice, "but first a test must be done as the first step into making you a good citizen." After this everything went black and when I reawoke I was in a sealed tube. A panel opened up in the side and water began pouring in. The voice began again, "Now all you have to do is proclaim that Brian is the one and only true ruler and your life shall be spared. It is as simple as that." The water was ice cold and rising very rapidly, time was running out.

If you decide to give in to the almighty will of The Brian,
If you believe that you can devise some sort of quick escape,

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