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And now we take a glimpse into the troubled pasts of Jeremy, Derek, and Brian. What compels these outstanding men to strive for world conquest? What stimulates these ingenious creatures to desire power and wealth in their endeavors to explore the inner-depths of human potential? We soon shall see. Maybe too soon...


Jeremy was always strange as a child. Within months of his birth, he was already solving advanced trigonometric equations and engrossing himself in the readings of Einstein and Hawking. He played with several toys as a young lad; few (of significance) have been documented. He always loved playing with tanks, soldiers, and a stuffed rat named Justin. He also loved to play with pretend weapons of mass destruction. By the age of 7, he was playing with guns, knives, and real weapons of mass destruction. He built his first fully operational tank in the 5th grade as a science project, but was expelled from his school; however, no documents of the school have ever been found and the place where it is rumored to be causes even rats to become horribly deformed by the radiation. He later met up with some of his enemies from his later life including Brian, Derek, Martha Stewart, and Pete. However, it was later revealed that Pete was one of Jeremy's many hallucinations do to his mild schizophrenia. Jeremy has had several places of residence in the past, present, and future: England, Arizona, the Amazon, Canada, Malaysia, Mongolia, Siberia (part of his exile), and Japan. He now currently resides in Arizona and is a powerful alchemist and necromancer. (Well, maybe not a necromancer [yet]). Anyway, he is still scheming and still doing things that make him appear smarter than he really is (Which is already far smarter than one could comprehend.)


He's not important enough to have his own biography.


From the second he was born (somewhere between 752 A.D. and 6302 A.D.) Brian was not a normal child. While still in the womb, he had devised a formula to turn water into gasoline. This greatly impressed the government of Mongolia and they took him in to work for them. While there, he was given a phenomenal education and by the time he was 6 years old, he had written a reform plan to reorganize the government and turn Mongolia from the 163 best army in the world to the best army in the world. He was given a job as supreme commander at 10 and while in this position, the Mongolian Empire spanned from Siberia to India, and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The government that had raised him from an infant soon became worried that Brianís supreme intellect would become their downfall. They had special forces attempt to assassinate him in his sleep but he had anticipated this and fled the country. He then became spiteful towards this backstabbing regime (whose top two leaders were ironically Jeremy and Derekís fathers) and plotted ways to get revenge. He had no army and so he decided to create one from scratch, literally. By sneaking into morgues and garbage cans, he created a primitive form of life, the infamous ZETA-MINUS! He led this army to victory and achieved the revenge he so sought out for. Yet, his troubles were not over. Soon he met up with Derek and Jeremy. Stories vary on this first meeting but it is believed that they were participating in a game of four square and Jeremy made a move that he didnít call at the beginning of the game. The three became engaged in a heated debate and the situation escalated greatly from that point on. Brian now resides in his place of residence which resides in a classified place on a reservation... or does it?

The Scroll and all of its eternal properties and conceptions are ©2002-2003 Jeremy, Derek, and Brian. All Rights Reserved. This website was created by Jeremy Lindblom. The Scroll, Inc. will pursue and destroy all those who choose to violate its laws by any means necessary... yes, by ANY means. MWAH HA Ha ha ha ha!!!
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