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5/2/04 ~ The Celebration of the Peruvian Llamas
The Scroll Aniversary, better known as The Celebration of the Pervian Llamas is now at hand. This most time-honored holiday brings about a cheery spirit of subjection and greed. If you have not yet read The Scroll, now is the time. For those who are not familiar with this holiday, please read the article below. Remember, the best holiday of the year, May 2nd!

3/24/04 ~ Create A Scroll Tale
The Scroll, and The Quest for a Random Mythological Object is ending production. If you would like to be a part of this Scroll Tale, you still have a chance. This Tale will be closed mid-May, so go post now!

1/7/04 ~ New Website Look
The Scroll, Inc. is now presenting the new look of The Scroll website. Everything is now updated, and the whole website is sparkling with glamour of a new car. New features now on the website include: The Scroll Online Store, an updated Insult Generator, the new archives section, and the new companies section. So please, look around, and give your feedback on the forum.

1/7/04 ~ The Scroll Online Store
The Scroll, Inc. now introduces The Scroll Online Store. You can purchase real Scroll merchandise off the internet and have it delivered to your home. Visit the store and tell us what you think. If you have any suggestions for future products, please submit ideas in the forum.

1/7/04 ~ Derek is Missing
It has recently appeared that Derek and his clones have been removed from Earth. Whether by some mystic power or by fate, it is not known. However, Brian and Jeremy have heard to be celebrating. For the first time in ages, Brian and Jeremy have appeared at the same party, making it the most popular party of the year. However, this greatly hinders many works that are now in production. JeremyInc. has released this letter and will pay a reward for the person who can bring him in.

1/7/04 ~ Create A Scroll Tale
The Scroll, and The Quest for a Random Mythological Object is still in production, and we need everyone's help. Please click on the "Create A Scroll Tale" here or on the side and add to the story. You can help guide Derek, Jeremy, and even Brian through the strange adventure and manipulate the outcome. Help out now.

The Scroll and all of its eternal properties and conceptions are ©2002-2003 Jeremy, Derek, and Brian. All Rights Reserved. This website was created by Jeremy Lindblom. The Scroll, Inc. will pursue and destroy all those who choose to violate its laws by any means necessary... yes, by ANY means. MWAH HA Ha ha ha ha!!!
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