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Dungeons & Dragons
~   The Seed of Evil   ~

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King Haldrim:
King Haldrim is the King of Arborus, one of the largest and wealthiest kingdoms in Cibule, and the world. King Haldrim is revered throughout the world for being wise, kind, and just. He is respected by the whole kingdom.

Tinton Berrywater:
Tinton Berrywater is the mine project overseer at Mt. Artempla. He is a jolly but greedy gnome, hoping to get his payoff when the diamonds are found. He was selected by the king to be head of the project and let's everyone know. His eyes are normally a vibrant blue, but they turn green whenever business or money is mentioned.

Charles (Charlie) C. Tailor:
Charlie is a quiet but amiable man that moved to Mulard from the opposite side of Arborus. He is well-tempered and light-hearted, but he always works his hardest in whatever he does. He has chosen the life of a Paladin. He does not expect to become famous or well-known; he merely desires to serve his God and protect those who need protecting. He has taken up the job of driving a wagon back and forth from Mulard to Arborin to get some extra money so that he can purchase a castle for himself and his posterity.

Archbishop Tartonis:
Archbishop Tartonis is the High Bishop of the city of Arborin. He is a loving elderly man with unmatched healing powers that he gives freely of. He lives in Arborin Castle and is friends with King Haldrim.

Faltrus is a friendly wizard at the Wizards' Guild in Arborin. He was raised as a wizard from his birth, but has never excelled like his peers. He is very knowledgeable about everything, and is very charismatic. For this reason he is usually the one who does the talking to visitor's at the Wizards' Guild.

Joseph (The Hitman):
Joseph seems to be a fairly cooperative and delightful person when he is not trying to kill someone. Though not the best marksman, he seems to get hired for many jobs; however, he has recently got himself into a little more than he can chew.

Satorius is the name of an evil wizard who lived long ago. This is rumored to be the identity of the dark man who first appeared in the mine.