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Dungeons & Dragons
~   The Seed of Evil   ~

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The Dark Wizard
Around 600 years ago, an evil and powerful wizard named Satorius attempted to conquer all of Arborus and Cibule. He nearly succeeded if it weren't for a team of 8 wizards who were finally able to apprehend and kill him. However, it was speculated by many that he never died. Before his death he sealed his lifeforce into six gems. These gems were then scattered over the entire world and hidden. These gems kept him partially alive to be someday released once again upon the world so he could fulfill his evil plans. It is rumored that if he were to recollect all six gems, that he would return to even far greater power than he had during his life, but if he was unable to do so, then he would remain mortal and weaker. Satorius had many great powers, but one that was unique to only him was the ability to transform into any creature that he has killed.

Haldrim Family and Arborus
Many of the stained glass windows in Arborin Castle depict stories from the Haldrim families past. One such story is that of old King Conomoor Haldrim, the father of Thaetenos Haldrim, the current King of Arborus. Conomoor was a very strong knight, and was well-loved by everyone in the kingdom. It was through his strength and guidance that the modern Arborus came to be. Throughout his knighthood he fought valiantly to defend the kingdom and was chosen and annointed to be King by the people. While he was King he directed the armies to conquer many surrounding areas. He replaced bad leaders with good ones, and many independant nations voluntarily assimilated into the kingdom. His age was not noticeable from his appearance. Even as a 123-year-old man, his hair still had color and he could still wield his sword with fearsome power. However, his might was not enough to overcome the wizard Agrade. By trickery Agrade was able to isolate himself with the King, and after a historical fight, the wizard finally overcame him and murdered him. Thaetenos Haldrim succeeded his father, and Agrade was beheaded. The Kingdom of Arborus has continued to flourish into the most powerful and prosperous kingdom in the world.