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Dungeons & Dragons
~   The Seed of Evil   ~

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Kingdom of Arborus:
Arborus is a large kingdom that covers most of the mainland of the continent of Cibule. They have been at peace for over 50 years and have become one of the most prosperous kingdoms in the world.

Cibule is the second largest continent on the planet, atleast according to all the maps currently available. It has a large range of climates and it houses Arborus, one of the world's largest kingdoms.

Mulard is a small town on the west side of Arborus. Recently, the town has grown larger because of the discovery of diamonds in Mt. Artempla, just west of Mulard.

Mulard Forest:
The Mulard Forest is a quiet forest outside of the town of Mulard. This is where both Darius and Herrol make their homes. It is a bright, yet serene forest filled with beauty. Many animals make their home there, and not too many monsters ever lurk inside. Mt. Artemplas is surrounded by the Mulard forest.

Mt. Artempla:
Mt. Artempla was regarded as a barren mountain of no significance until diamonds were discovered inside. A full mining team has settled in Mulard and around the mountain to mine what may be the largest diamond deposit in the world.

Western Cibule Forest:
The Western Cibule Forest is a large forest that covers the land west of the capitol, Arborin. Some days it will be stone quiet, and others it will be filled with the calls of wild creatures of the hunt. Nights are particularly dangers in these woods because of many nocturnal creatures that seek food. This forest is an older forest and is primarily more yellow and brown than it is green, except for the northern pine areas. The Druids know this forest to be the birthplace and home of The Grand Druid.

Arborin is the capitol of Arborus. It is a gigantic city where King Haldrim resides and most of the kingdom's business goes through. Just about anything can be found in Arborin.