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Dungeons & Dragons
~   The Seed of Evil   ~

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Wolf: Wolf
"The wolf is a very active, cunning carnivore, capable of surviving in nearly every climate. They are characterized by powerful jaws; wide strong teeth; bushy tails; tall, strong ears; and round pupils. Their eyes, a gold or amber color, seem to have an almost empathic ability." (Monster Manual)
Dire Wolf:
The Dire Wolf was the ancestor to the modern wolf. They are slightly larger and stronger than their descendants.
Kobold: Kobold
"Kobolds are a cowardly, sadistic race of short humanoids that vigorously contest the human and demi-human races for living space and food. They especially dislike gnomes." (Monster Manual) These creatures are about three feet tall and have dark, scaly skin. They wear ragged, red clothes and have an orange tail. They prefer to attack by ambush or by overwhelming odds.
Bugbear: Bugbear
"Bugbears are giant, hairy cousins of goblins. Bugbears are large and very muscular, standing 7' tall. Their hides range from light yellow to yellow brown and their thick coarse hair varies in color from brown to brick red. Though vaguely humanoid in appearance, bugbears seem to contain the blood of some large carnivore. The typical bugbear's sight and hearing are exceptional, and they can move with amazing agility when the need arises. Whenever possible, bugbears prefer to ambush their foes." (Monster Manual)
Hobgoblin: Hobgoblin
"Hobgoblins are a fierce humanoid race that wage a perpetual war with the other humanoid races. They are intelligent, organized, and aggressive. The typical hobgoblin is a burly humanoid standing 6.5' tall. Their hairy hides range from dark reddish-brown to dark gray. Their faces show dark red or red-orange skin." (Monster Manual)
Humans are one of the most abundant species of intelligent creatures and have claimed the world wfor themselves. They are highly intelligent and dexterous. They usually lead or command groups of other creatures or humans. Many humans are peace-loving and friendly, but no other species is more greatly affected by the lust for power and money than humans are. Humans are capable of becoming highly skilled in any area.