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Dungeons & Dragons
~   The Seed of Evil   ~

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Chasiarm of Thremlin (Josh):
Chasiarm is friendly, outgoing, and trustworthy to most people. However, some people would say that he is a mischievous, conniving thief. Well, both are true. He is an adventurous, fun-loving elf. He has a big heart, but also likes to have big pockets. He makes friends easily and is loyal to them. His sense of fun and adventure make him very unpredictable. Chasiarm has short, dark brown hair and blue eyes. He is fairly tall for an elf, and is built thin, but strong. He has a small, crescent-shaped scar above his left eyebrow.

Furendithas Axeager (Dan):
Furendithas is one large, strong Dwarf. He thinks he is the strongest, baddest dwarf to ever grace the earth. This may be true, but he sure likes to rub it in. He is simple-minded and loves digging and fighting. Many think that he is a big-headed jerk, but he does have a knack for making friends. Furendithas has deep blue eyes and fiery red hair that he keeps in braids. He is built strong and likes to show it.

Herrol Snyelramm (Eldon):
Herrol is proud of his individualistic and independent lifestyle. He views reliance on others as a weakness. He chooses to avoid direct confrontations when they can be avoided, even though others sometimes see him as a coward. Many people find it a pity that he has chosen a lonely lifestyle, because they would readily associate with him if he would let them. He seems only interested in his own affairs. Herrol has blue-gray eyes and shoulder-length. light brown hair that is never groomed. He is fair-skinned and has a medium look and build that does not reflect his true strength. He has many various scars from a rugged life.

Darius the Blue (Jon):
Darius is a very outgoing and friendly person, despite his secluded and mysterious nature. He is always very careful and aware of how he appears to others. He loves nature and also is a very patient person. He is has a strong sense of loyalty to the Grand Druid. Darius has light, blue-gray eyes and long, white hair that he sometimes covers with a wig to be less noticeable. He is a tall man and has a muscular build for a half-elf. His skin is a deep blue color due to his Elven mother. His Elven lineage comes from the Dark Elves, but he is not hostile like his distant relatives.

Khemir Vardumbar (Chris):
Khemir tries to fully embrace both his elf and human heritage; he believes that there should be balance in all things. He can be well mannered or a scoundrel depending on what company he is in, what mood he is in, and the amount of ale he has consumed. He makes friends easily, even with prejudiced people. Khemir has green eyes and long, light brown hair that he wears in a short ponytail. Khemir's clothing is consistent with someone who wishes to be concealed in a forest. He wears brown pants, a green shirt, a brown vest, and a brown cloak. He wears high boots, and keeps his dagger concealed in his right boot.