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D&D Character Questionnaire

Please E-mail me with the following information about your characters so I can construct a character sheet for you. It is very in depth so full, really cool characters can be created. You are making a person.

  • Character Name
  • Race
  • Class
  • Alignment

    (You can just tell me this stuff in general if you want me to figure it out for you according to race. Just say "somewhat tall", "a little heavyset", "early adulthood" or something like that.)
  • Age (You should be between 18 and 28 in human years, unless you have a good reason not to.)
  • Height
  • Weight

  • Hand (Left-handed or Right-handed)
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color, Style, etc.
  • Clothes (Types, Colors, etc.)
  • Other Details (Include any of the following: Identifiable markings, Unique appearance quirks, build, skin color, etc.)

  • Beginning Weapon (No Two-handed swords, Halberds, Long Bows, or Crossbows)
  • Character's Favorite Weapons
  • Beginning Items (Any items that you think your character should start with)

  • Stats (I will send you what stats I have rolled for you, if you want to switch any of them around, let me know.)

  • Background (Give me a brief background on your character as you see him. I will probably have to change a lot of this, so try to make it more general.)

  • Personality (Please include the following: What is his regular attitude and behavior?, How does he see himself?, How do others see him?, What are some of his favorite things? (colors, animals, foods, etc.), What kind of things does he hate?, What are his fears? (if any), What are his hobbies?, What are his interests?, What are his goals in life?)