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Dungeons & Dragons
The Orphan Warriors
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Name:  Leokul
Race:  Elf
Class:  Ranger
Alignment:  Chaotic Good
Age:  18
Appearance:  Leokul stands at 6' 1" and weighs 185 lbs. Leokul has Elven blonde hair and icy blue eyes. He is more rugged looking than most elves, but his strength and grace exceed that of most elves. He has brown clothes and armor and is covered by a large black cloak, worn open with the hood down. He is decorated with weapons on all sides of his body, and is truly indimidating to strangers.

Preferred Weapon(s):  Sword, Whip, Bow & Arrow

Character's Strengths:  Is able to fight skillfully with both hands (No penalty); Adapted to harsh living conditions; Very skilled in the ways of the ranger
Character's Weaknesses:  Has difficulty in making friends and warming up to people; Empathy for animals can cloud judgement
Background:  Leokul's past is shrouded in mystery. He rarely speaks much about his past, but it is known that he had lived with his Uncle and the wolf T'elka until one day when they were attacked by a band of goblins. Leokul was saved by his wolf friend, but when the battle was ended, he could not find his Uncle or T'elka. He was picked up by a group of lawmen who brought him to the orphanage of Ha'mas to recuperate. He has been living there for nearly a year.

Personality:  Leokul is a very mysterious person, who is hard to warm up to. He is very pensive and keeps to himself most of the time, but he is still able to have some fun. He has a strong passion for life and for nature, which is why he has chosen the way of the ranger. He has a deep kindred love for his wolf friend T'elka, as well as other animals. His peers sometimes see him as stubborn, but he simply sticks to what he knows as true. He can be quick to temper at times, but he is just as valiant in battle as any other.

Life Goals:  Leokul desires to live to be old, while also helping other people and animals live to be old.